Wire Fraud is Real!

Ramon Abbas
Ramon Abbas: Image courtesy of CNN

Folks, this is just one guy who is out there ready to pounce when you’re days, hours, or even minutes, from closing on your home. “Hushpuppi” was caught due to showing off his stolen wealth on social media (not too big on “hush”-ing, was he?), but he’s got friends who haven’t been caught yet, and you can bet he’s got competitors, too.
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One of the things these guys do is create a fake email account that looks like one you’re familiar with. Instead of Bob @BobbingLending .com they’ll make a fake email that is Bob @BobbingLending .co (very subtle difference). The format will be the same, the signature will be the same, etc. At a quick glance, very few people will notice the difference. And they’re trusting that you’ll be so excited about the Big Day you’ll follow the instructions right away!

When you get that email: STOP! AND MAKE A CALL!

It’s vitally important to take a minute to pick up the phone and verify that legitimate-looking email is actually legitimate. Don’t text, don’t email – CALL – a number you already know, such as your real estate agent. (Hi, by the way!)

“Hey, Lori! I just got an email (from you, the other agent, my attorney, the other attorney, the lender, the title company) saying I need to wire the funds over for closing, and I just wanted to make sure that’s right.” That’s it!

Just looking out for you! <3

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